Advisory Board

Dr.Nagendra Swamy

Dr.Nagendra Swamy brings with him close to 30 years of experience in Healthcare management with various national and international  Organisations in senior managerial and Board positions.  He has won several awards for his distinguished services and is considered a Though Leader in healthcare space.

He is currently President of Manipal Health Enterprises & Chairman of Quality Council of MHE.

He advises HealthMacro on preventive disease management platforms.



Dr.VenkitDr. Venkatkrishna Rao

Dr. Venkatkrishna Rao is a specialist in the treatment of all types of Diabetes. He has a fellowship in Diabetes and clinical experience of nearly 10+ years. He runs Synergy Diabetes Speciality Clinic in Bangalore.  He also consults with leading hospitals in Bangalore.
He believes in integrated, holistic Diabetes care, with greater emphasis on appropriate lifestyle modification for a longer, healthier, complication-free life. 
At HealthMacro, he is Advisor - chronic disease management