Frequently Asked Questions

What models is HealthMacro DiagSmart software available in ?

HealthMacro Diagsmart is available in both “On Premise” and “On Cloud” models.

What is the configuration I require ?

On Premise: You require a PC with minimum 4GB RAM and a Windows OS (preferably Windows 8 or above) and require a Chrome Browser. We will install the software on your machine. It does take a minimum of 1 days effort to complete this.

On Cloud: You just require a Chrome Browser and an internet access. We create an account for you on the cloud and you are ready to go in a minute.

How will post Sales support be provided ?

You just call up the following number or drop in a mail to <customercare@healthmacro.com> with your details. We will open a ticket and handle it at the fastest possible time.

I want to check out the software before making a purchase ?

Sure. We want all of our customers to check the software before they are making the purchase decision. – Ask for a free demo. Our Sales team will walk you through the software. – We will then give you a test trial account for usage for 7 days. – Then you make the decision.

How do I pay ?

It’s easy. Make an Online Transfer to the HealthMacro account or pay us through cheque.

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