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HealthMacro News Updates

Exiting Software Products Business


9th September 2019

HealthMacro has exited Healthcare Software Products Business. HealthMacro no longer sells or supports DiagSmart and HospSmart Products.

Healthcare Enterprises


14th August 2019

Sharing our learnings of selling technology to Healthcare Enterprises

Continual Learning


28th April 2019

HealthMacro participated in the NABH Pre-Accreditation Awareness Workshop as a delegate and upgraded its understanding of the processes.

New Customer


27th March 2019

We are pleased to welcome RK Scans and Diagnostics at Guntur and Vijawada to the growing family of HealthMacro customers. They went live with HealthMacro’s DiagSmart Solution.

Expert Talk


27th March 2019

Dr.Chethana H.S, Industry Expert on Quality and NABH matters, shared her perspectives with HealthMacro-ians on the NABH Standards & steps for healthcare Organisations to achieve the NABH certification & inputs on where software can assist in NABH Audits.

Expert Talk


26th February 2019

Dr.Sujay Prasad, Director, Anand Diagnostics Lab, shared his perspectives with HealthMacro-ians on Automation in Diagnostics and the future emerging trends in Diagnostics space.

Trade Show

HealthMacro participated in Arab Health 2019, at Dubai as a delegate. We understood the latest happenings in the Hospital space and plan to incorporate some of these in our product in the coming months.

New Customer


24th January 2019

We are pleased to welcome “SARV Advanced Multispeciality Clinic & Diagnostics Centre” to HealthMacro’s growing family of customers.

New Customer


28th November 2018

We welcome New Manasa Hospital, a 50 bed hospital in Devanahalli, Bengaluru to our growing family of HealthMacro customers. They went live with HealthMacro’s HospSmart Solution.

New Customer


26th October 2018

HealthMacro welcomes Tanya Speciality Hospital at Hassan to its growing family of customers. They went live with HealthMacro’s HospSmart solution this month.



29th September 2018

HealthMacro participated in CAHOTECH 2018, Sep 29,2018, at Bengaluru.CAHOTECH is an annual healthcare event focussed on the latest technologies for Hospitals. HealthMacro received a good response for its products.

New Module


25th September 2018

With Healthcare Compliance becoming a key norm to stay competitive, and most Hospitals planning their NABH Accreditation, HealthMacro has started building the NABH Quality Indicators Module in its product. It has started working on the entry level quality indicators to be rolled out in the first phase.

Trade Show

HealthMacro participated in the North East Annual Healthcare Summit (Sep 7-8, 2018) at Guwahati, Assam and received good response for its DiagSmart and HospSmart Products.

New Customer


25th August 2018

Pleased to share that HealthMacro enters Uttar Pradesh! HealthMacro’s HospSmart solution now powers Plexus Hospital, at Kanpur, which went live this month. With this HealthMacro’s solution powers customers in 5 states. (Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, and UP).

New Module


23rd July 2018

HealthMacro continues to look for adjacent white spaces in Diagnostics, where we can create value to our customers. In this context, pleased to share the release of our new module (Beta version) for NABL Certification.This module assists Labs Managers & Quality Managers in complete NABL Accreditation Cycle. This is aligned with ISO 15189 Standards.

Though Leadership


13th July 2018

HealthMacro CEO was one of the key note speakers at the event “Legal Issues in Healthcare” hosted by IHMR (Institute of Health Management & Research), Jun 29-30, 2018. He spoke on how IT can reduce Medico Legal Challenges in Healthcare.

Legal Issues in Healthcare


22nd June 2018

HealthMacro will be one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming event “Legal Issues in Healthcare” at IHMR, Bengaluru

'Trust and Respect'


1st June 2018

A customer testimonial signifies “Trust and Respect” in the product and services. Pleased to share a customer testimonial, that we received after 2+ years of usage of HealthMacro Product and Services.

New Customer


26th May 2018

Pleased to welcome Plexus Hospitals, a chain of healthcare centres focussing on Cardiac Care, as our newest HealthMacro customer. With this HealthMacro enters Assam and the city of Dibrugarh, where Plexus has gone live with HealthMacro’s HospSmart solution.

Customer Success


26th May 2018

We take pride in our customer successes. Ebisu Diagnostics, Bengaluru, one of our key customers has achieved the coveted NABH accreditation. We congratulate them on this certification and wish them more success in their journey. Ebisu Diagnostics is powered by HealthMacro’s DiagSmart solution.

New Customer


26th Apr 2018

HealthMacro HospSmart now powers AV Multispeciality hospital (a 50 bed hospital). AV Hospital is one of the oldest & reputed hospitals of Bengaluru city. This is their second centre with state of art facility. HealthMacro is pleased to partner with AV Multispeciality Hospital

Customer Centricity


23th Mar 2018

Trade Shows : HealthMacro participated as a delegate in MedLab event at Dubai < Feb 5 -8, 2018>. MedLab is world’s largest Diagnostics Trade Show held annually. Participated in CMEs to understand the latest happenings in the Diagnostics Space. Some of these learnings & ideas are making it into HealthMacro products ! Stay tuned.
Product Enhancements : We have started work on implementing NABL ISO 15189 standards features in HealthMacro DiagSmart product.

Customer Updates


25th Feb 2018

We continue to execute on HealthMacro vision of “Öne Software for all Healthcare Needs”. Pharma is the new space we have expanded to. SD Pharma is HealthMacro’s first Pharma customer using our GST compliant Pharma software.
Product Updates : HealthMacro continues strengthening its Diagnostics space focus. We are building NABL tools inside HealthMacro DiagSmart.

Benefits :This would help labs complete their adherence to NABL IS0 15189 standards from HealthMacro DiagSmart itself.

Business Updates : HealthMacro participated in the IndiaSoft 2018 TradeShow . We received good deal of interest from East African countries for HealthMacro’s products in that region.

Thought Leadership


25th Jan 2018

HealthMacro delivered the keynote address on the “Challenges in Building HIMS” at IIHMR (Institute of Healthcare Management and Research), Bangalore.

New Customer


12th Jan 2018

“Iccha IVF and Diagnostics” is our new IVF customer. We are also enhancing their Workflow for IVF .

Next Steps


3rd Nov 2017

We will be using some of this learning in assisting our customers with their NABL Certification as well as building some of the NABL tools within HealthMacro DiagSmart Product. Stay tuned !
health care provider

New Customer


15th Sep 2017

Welcoming our new customer DiabManage to HealthMacro family of customers. DiabManage is a chain of clinics, targetted towards Diabetic care.
health care

HealthMacro Product Enhancements


15th Sep 2017

Diabetic Module : We now have a diabetic module that helps you track vital parameters (RBS, FBS, PPBS and HbA1c) graphically over a longer period of time. Diabetic being a life time challenge helps both Doctors and Patients monitor their long term progress through this feature. Below is a screen shot of the feature.
Existing customers : Can purchase and upgrade to having Diabetic Management feature. If there is a interest to test and purchase, please write to our
Lab Software.

New Customer


20th Aug 2017

More labs continue to adopt HealthMacro solution. This month, we welcome MG Diagnostics Centre to HealthMacro family of customers
Hospital Management System

Product Update


20th Aug 2017

GST Readyness: Though healthcare Industry is not impacted by the GST move (except for Pharma), we have already implemented GST Readiness in our solution. This is available from DiagSmart-HospSmart v3.1.75 onwards.

EMR: We are aligned with the Governments move to prescribe generic drugs by Doctors. Through our EMR now, doctors can prescribe generic drugs in prescriptions, which can be shared with patients in digital manner.

Lab Device Integration.

Product Update


15th July 2017

Pleased to introduce the Outreach feature.  This feature allows you to connect to your customer :
  • In sending customised SMSes like
    • Your promotional campaigns
    • Lab vital parameters
    • Reminders about pending bills.
    • Intimation about Doctor’s availability
    • Sending SMSes to your doctors.
Lab Information System

New Customer


15th July 2017

Pleased to welcome one more customer to our fold.   Tejas Hospital, in Vijayanagar, Bangalore which is one of the oldest and reputed is our new HospSmart Customer.
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