information-flowA solution digitizing the entire lab flow and connecting labs, doctors and patients on a single platform.
Available in both cloud and non-cloud (on premise model) versions. For test trials – please log on to www.diagsmart.com.

Watch a short one minute video to understand the benefits:

Problem Definition :

  • Multiple Solutions : Most hospitals still use minimum of two to three solutions for various functions viz Billing, Lab, Inpatient services. These software do not provide end to end solutions, as well as do not inter-operate leading to repetitive work and too much human intervention, resulting in time overruns and errors.
  • Customer Management Challenges : Too often the front desk becomes multi-functional, handling registration, billing and customer queries, leaving little scope for customer service. Additionally disintegrated front desk and back end departments like Labs leads to inadequate information for servicing customer requests and other operational challenges.
  • Manual Processes : Labs have expensive machines but not integrated for full scale automation. Labs still adopt the conventional register writing model to read out data from devices and manually enter them in reports. This has a high chance of data errors creeping due to human oversight.
  • Financial Loss : Hospitals/Labs also lose Repeat Customers due to lack of reminder service, no dashboards, etc. Other losses include inventory loss, loss due to recurring costs of paper, toner, files, physical storage costs etc.

Solution :


  • DiagSmart provides an integrated platform for HIMS, LIMS, Analytics.
  • DiagSmart facilitates seamless communication between Lab, Doctor and Patients.
  • DiagSmart seamlessly integrates with devices like Minividas, Bios A25 etc. This brings in automation thereby completely eliminating human intervention and minimizing errors.
  • With DiagSmart, paper based registers, manual results entry, errors cropping up due to manual methods can be minimized or totally avoided.
  • DiagSmart is built using healthcare standards like HL7, making it inter-operable with existing and new solutions for data exchange.TAT

What’s “Wow” about DiagSmart !

  • Integrated platform delivering LIS, HIS, Inventory Management & all other lab needs
  • Analytics to understand customer better
  • Customer delight (by mobile & Web delivery of reports).
  • Productivity improvement platform.
  • Industry standard interfaces for interoperability.

In short, a one stop solution for all Diagnostic Lab needs !

Features & Value Proposition :

Some of the major features are presented below. To know more or organize a demo please write to us at contactus@healthmacro.com.