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“Record Your Moves…”

I have this habit of writing down my decisions along with the pros-cons for that decision that I see at that point. Over the years, I have felt this habit to be a great boon, especially during analysis of results, when decisions have gone horribly wrong.

Recording your ups and downs & decisions is an important aspect in the entrepreneurial journey. Why?

Several reasons…

  1. Improved Decision making :
  • Firstly, writing down things improves your clarity of thought. When you write, you are able to detail out the reasoning behind the decision.
  • Second, one is able to clearly think through the worst case analysis.
  • Some results take a long time to reach. So we may not clearly remember in memory why we took that decision. If written down, it’s easy to go back and check to see why the decision was taken.
  1. Sometimes, you are amazed that you could look ahead, predict & strategize. Sometimes, you feel like kicking yourself for overlooking some obvious things & messing up.
  2. Tracking where it went wrong:
    If you write down, you are able to clearly pinpoint why you went wrong, with timelines.
  3. Team Related :
    Once a decision is taken, it helps to keep your team informed at the same level, why some decisions were taken with clear pros-cons analysis. It does help get the team buy in.
  4. Tracking your journey :
    Some days are very bad & challenging & some wonderful. A few moments taken to jot down your true feelings and emotions at that point, will be a valuable treasure that you can look back with pride on how far you have come.

Being an aficionado of the game of chess, I have always enjoyed discovering similarities that exists between entrepreneurship and chess.

The first thing that chess players do is record their moves, so that they can analyze their own games in the end. Recording their moves also allows others to learn from their games and vice versa.

Grandmasters have been doing this for centuries together, analyzing their own games & others’ games and improving themselves.

Hence writing down your moves (decisions with reasons) in the game of entrepreneurship is key. Its time entrepreneurs did this as well, recording their journey, analyzing it, sharing with others as well as learning from others.

After all, Entrepreneurship, like most things in life, mirrors the great game of chess!

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[About the Author: Shashi Bhushan is the Founder & CEO of HealthMacro Technologies. He plunged into entrepreneurship to explore his dream of building something that touches people’s lives. HealthMacro were TiE’s AnthahPrerana2013 winners. He can be followed on twitter at @ShashiBhushanHR]